Best of 2015 Part 2

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We have reached the second half of Best of 2015 albums. Find the first half here. I’m aware it’s July already, but there is simply some time needed, to cover albums of the previous year, including number of my favourite yearly best of lists. Still, I’m sure, there are some breathtaking albums, I am not aware of yet…

11. Thy Catafalque – Sgùrr

Same as we tend to underestimate France, we would not normally put so much faith into Hungary. However, there are so many nice exceptions, as bands around Julie Kiss, from my gothic metal teenage days – Without Face and even better To-Mera. There is great sense for prog in Hungary and if you can imagine, this is a solo project of Tamás Kátai and it’s very impressive. For the first time, I don’t even mind the language…

12. David Koller – ČeskosLOVEnsko
I love my country, but there are not so many musicians and bands to be proud of. David Koller – singer, drummer also known from Czech musical institution Lucie is hell of an exception.

13. Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls
Some friends are making jokes about me once saying sth like: “There are more important things in live than to spend time on Iron Maiden.” I still believe that, as they already played a incredible role in our lives. We were running around our rooms and air guitaring to a Brazilian 100 milion large crowd. After some time, we felt it’s time to move on and discover new beauties. However we should never forget our roots and as Bruce Dickinson says: “Never lose that 14y old in you.” Love u Iron Maiden and we always will.

14. Paradise Lost – The Plague Within
I skipped Moonspell in this list, but Paradise Lost deserve it for their retro/modern/best of sound. I miss my beard… 🙁

15. Avatarium – The Girl With The Raven Mask
Who says you cannot be innovative with a rock band with a female singer?



16. David Gilmour – Rattle That Lock
Really beautiful. I didn’t invest enough time into Pink Floyd, but I’m glad my older collegues are always pushing me, with their work to invest time into old classics as David Gilmour, Iggy Pop or Bob Dylan.

17. Tesseract – Polaris
I’m a Tesseract addict since I heard for the first time Deception from their debut One in 2011. They went a long way since then on their third album Polaris and it takes a while, until you appreciate it, but it’s worth it.


18. Modern Day Babylon – The Ocean Atlas EP
Djentleman to be proud of from our lofely Czech Republic. Featuring amazing Plini.

19. Motorhead – Bad Magic
R.I.P. Lemmy

20. Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor
I never liked this guy. I guess it will stay the same, but this album was very rare positive surprise, related to his name



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