Review – Dream the Electric Sleep – Beneath the Dark Wide Sky

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It was just too tempting to give these guys 3 out of 5 points for a review at Rock&All magazine, just for giving a try, solid performance, lack of compact feeling and go away. However, they proved me, I still have so much to learn…

Seriously, I had so much work to do. Bunch of marketing reports and honestly, Ex-Yugoslavian region, I deal with at work, is not as simple, as a sunny day on a Croatian beach. People have different mentality and other priorities. They are more relaxed, they don’t like to get stressed and don’t mind to do something late or postpone it completely. Whether it is a colleague, business partner or a friend, they act differently. Not necessarily with bad intentions. However, in an international corporation or music magazine (where I had bunch of other obligations and deadlines too) every second matters and 1st of July IS SIMPLY 1st of July. Therefore I was so eager to have this off my table.
I accepted to review this album because of my great relationship with Pirate Smile agency which takes care of their promotion. I get pile of offers every day, but these guys have a taste. Still, sometimes I’m too busy and underestimate this fact. I wrote a first version of album review on Beneath the Dark Wide Sky in a train on my iPhone notes. I simply catch the inspiration when it comes, as white word file is a nightmare for me. So, when an easy flow of words came to give them an average rating, I had it almost finished. However I kept listening to the album, while I was dealing with some job emails. I gave the album more space and catchier moments were hitting my brain.
Next day I kept listening to them, while I went for a walk after lunch from an office building to refresh in Karlín, Prague area filled with parks and garden restaurants. Another occasion was when one hell of cute girl name Anna, sent me a video of her few minutes monologue for me, as I was too tired last night for a skype session. I couldn’t watch it as our office server blocks pretty much everything. I kept listening to the album on the way to the closest restaurant with a Wi-Fi to watch it finally and later, on the way to the park, where I kept working on my “diary book” about the crazy days I spent in Serbia. I was remembering so much from those days – people I met, their stories and other hell of experiences, while the album was playing in my ears. In that moment I was in love.


Those few piles of cool melodies, discovered in the first place, suddenly combined together, all doubts were suddenly gone and I started enjoying the album to the full. These guys play something between post rock, melodic catchy radio rock and tasty prog. I remembered right away two bands: Sound Of Contact, featuring Phil Collins’ son and The Pineapple Thief for their hell of catchy melodies. Dream The Electric Sleep still have a long way ahead of them, but same as all of us, but they gave me another lesson of not under estimating anyone, as it was really worth giving them a chance.


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