Any last minute questions for Myles Kennedy?

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I received a last minute offer for an interview with Myles Kennedy, later today at 9 CET for Czech gear magazine Muzikus, where we are currently having Mark Tremonti on a front cover.


If you have any questions for Myles, please comment and I will try to use at least some. I have only ten minutes slot.


Interview with Mark, which was conducted before Alter Bridge show in Berlin will be released here in about a week. Interview with Myles, few weeks later, based on the release in printed issue of Muzikus.






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10 thoughts on “Any last minute questions for Myles Kennedy?

  1. I have one about the tout of AB .I ve seen the last data is on Sep 22 and that in Breazil. Its very far for me to go for a concert. Im interested if they are coming in Europe too in this time from September till December ?

    Awaiting for your answer,

    Greeting you


  2. 1. Are there plans for you and Slash to put out another record and go on tour soon?

    2. What is the most challenging song to play live?

    3. Do you prefer to play at arenas or at outdoor festivals?

  3. What is the one thing that you haven’t accomplished yet but would like to?

  4. What’s your favorite funny story/memory with Bittersweet and Citizen Swing?

  5. You came to India over a year ago with Slash. How was your experience? Any plans of getting Mark, Brian and Scott here?

  6. I just want you to please tell him his tribute of blackbird for Chris was so heart felt I’m in my car listening to the cd and it will always remind me of that moment every time I listen to it !

  7. Will we get to hear Words Darker Than Their Wings performed live at future shows?

  8. Cheers guys. Interview was done an hour ago. I will provide you these days answers on some of the questions. But sorry, there was not time a time for all. However, I am doing my best to arrange another, longer interview in Prague or in Hellfest, where I could ask more fun questions. Take care 😉

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