Any questions for Richard Kruspe of Rammstein?

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On Monday 29. 5. 2017 I will be doing an interview with Richard Kruspe before Rammstein show in Prague.


If you have any questions for Richard, please comment and I will do my best, to use as many as I can.


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106 thoughts on “Any questions for Richard Kruspe of Rammstein?

  1. 1. Has Rammstein started recording a new album in studio (considering some stuff Sky van Hoff posted on Instagram), and if not – when will they start?
    2. Is Sky van Hoff their new producer, because he also seems to follow them on tour?
    3. Whatever happened with Emigrate’s 3rd album. Two years ago it was nearly finished and there was not a word since then about it.
    4. Maybe some anecdotes from these recent sessions? 🙂

  2. For Richard. In many interviews you have stated that Rammstein is a sexless marriage. Would you not agree that the sex is when you are performing on stage? And the hours you spend working on a new album is like marriage counseling? 🙂

  3. Im Viktoriya from Bulgaria and here are my short questions for Richard:
    1) If you ever had the chance and/or time what language would you like to learn?
    2) Does anyone still call you Zven?
    3) Burning question: When are will you be able to have concert in Bulgaria again?
    4) What advice regarding the business side of things would you give to a new band?
    5) Is there anything that would offend you as a musician?
    6) Have you ever thought of writing an autobiography or poetry book of your own?
    7) What is the most difficult in guitar playing?

  4. Whatever happened to Older songs like Jeder Lacht and Biest? (Not sure if thats the real name of the song). []
    Also, what was it like shooting the Paris concert, did you enjoy having a more hands on approach about how you act on stage, or would you have done it differently?

  5. 1. When can we expect the next Emigrate album? Any chances of releasing a teaser? And do you have any plans of taking Emigrate on tour in the future in support of the next album?

    2. In a previous interview, you mentioned that Till was recording his vocals, how’s the progress coming along with that? And are you guys planning on doing a full
    North American tour in support of that album? Or should we expect more one off shows every now and then?

    3. What process do you guys take when writing new music? Do you guys discuss ideas over coffee? Or do you guys just get together and start playing and piece things together?

    4. (Final question) Have you been offered to be a special guest for guitar clinic events? I think it would be a great thing for guitarist who are inspired by your work to participate in one and learn a few things from you.

  6. I would ask Richard how he can love woman and when he was in love most of all in his life.
    Also I would ask if Rammstein is going to widen the geography of their tours and come to Georgia, Tbilisi
    And finally I would like to ask Richard to give us fans chance to chat with him online live to ask questions.
    Hello from me Ketevan from Tbilisi

  7. Hi I’m Terka and from the Czech Republic. Sorry for my English 😀
    1. Are you going to write your own biography?
    2. Can I buy functional replica of your guitar? If yes, where?
    3. Is there any place you haven’t been on and you wanna go there?
    4. Will you offer (as a band) Meet&Greet ticket?
    5. Can I send you a letter and photos for autograph?
    That’s it. Thanks 🙂

  8. Hallo Richard,
    wie ist Ihre Beziehung zu Till und mit wem aus Rammstein verstehen Sie am meisten?
    Sie sehen sehr heiß aus 😉

  9. My name is Desiree and I live in Landgraaf (the Netherlands and near of the area of Pinkpop). I have many questions for Rammstein and maybe also for Richard and Till.
    1. When is coming out the new album from Rammstein?
    2. When can we buy the new album? Can it also be downloaded?
    3. In which country prefer you to act on (you’re own country not counted)?
    4. Would you guys prefer to live there as well?
    5. And in which country will you (and maybe the other boys if you knows that) prefer to spend your holidays?
    6. When do you comes back to Pinkpop and play you here the new album?
    7. What about the solo band? You still go on tour with Emigrate (and Till with his)?
    8. Which tips have you for hobby musicians who also eventually want to in a band and want to be known?

  10. I just found a song called “The Time Is Now” & when i watched making of, it seemed like you’re not really into it. So i would like to ask what do you think about that when you look back to the time when you were making it? & what it was like to work with rap guys? & did it give you some experiences?
    Thank you for answers.

  11. For Richard: do you still have a dream that you could not fulfill yet?
    And a funny one: what was the weirdest gift a fan ever gave you?

  12. I have two questions.

    First: On 15.12.1995 in Bad Lobenstein, Germany the band played this set list.

    Spiel Mit Mir
    Der Meister
    Weisses Fleisch
    Asche Zu Asche
    Heirate Mich
    Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen
    Du Riechst So Gut
    Das Alte Leid

    What is the 9th song “Sonne” in reference to?

    Second: On 11.10.1996 in Magdeburg. Germany the band played this set list.

    Alter Mann
    Bestrafe Mich
    Der Meister
    Weisses Fleisch
    Asche Zu Asche
    Spiel Mit Mir
    Heirate Mich
    Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen
    Das Alte Leid
    Du Riechst So Gut

    What is the last song *Sadist* in reference to?

  13. It looks like you switched to Blackstar Amps, why, and how has that effected your sound?
    (I love blackstar by the way!)

  14. I don’t think my original comment went through so here it is again and if it show up twice, I apologize.

    I have two questions.

    First: On 15.12.1995 in Bad Lobenstein, Germany the band played this set list.

    Spiel Mit Mir
    Der Meister
    Weisses Fleisch
    Asche Zu Asche
    Heirate Mich
    Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen
    Du Riechst So Gut
    Das Alte Leid

    What is the 9th song “Sonne” in reference to?

    Second: On 11.10.1996 in Magdeburg. Germany the band played this set list.

    Alter Mann
    Bestrafe Mich
    Der Meister
    Weisses Fleisch
    Asche Zu Asche
    Spiel Mit Mir
    Heirate Mich
    Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen
    Das Alte Leid
    Du Riechst So Gut

    What is the last song *Sadist* in reference to?

  15. Does he think that the pain of his childhood his responsible for the passion in his guitar playing?
    Does he feel as close to his bandmates as he used to?
    Where does he think he would be know if he was’nt a part of Rammstein.

  16. Dear Richard,

    Are Rammstein going to do a signing session at Graspop Metal Meeting? It would be the perfect chance to show you my RZK tattoo in real life 🙂



  17. 1. Vampires or Werewolves?
    2. If you were not a musician, what would be your next choice for a career?
    3. If space exploration improves for speed & safety, do you have any desire to explore new worlds?
    4. Any stories to share about paranormal or unexplainable encounters, like ghosts, UFOs, or the Loch Ness monster?

    Thank you,

  18. I Really Loved Your First Emigrate Album–It Has A Lot Of Heart And Soul ! The Second One, In My Opinion, Was Too Commercial And Too Loud! Will There Be A Third Emigrate Album??

  19. Why do you usually avoid Romania when touring Europe?
    What’s your opinion about less- known neue deutsche harte bands? Like Hämatom, Eisbrecher, Stahlmann or Oomph.
    Do you think German is the most powerful language for metal?
    You lived in Eastern Germany. What do you think about communism?

  20. 1. Which Rammstein song is your favorite to perform live?
    2. If you could make a song with any artist, dead or alive, with who would you make it?
    3. Can you describe your fellow Rammstein bandmembers with one word?
    4. What makes you happy?

  21. How did you feel headlining Wacken or Hellfest? And how did you feel playing with Hämatom in Bulgaria?

  22. QUESTION FOR RICHARD. Now that Rammstein is more than 23 years old. Does Richard feel that his quest for Rammstein’s sound has been acheived? Or does Richard feel he can add more to the Rammstein package before its all over? From Dean in Nashville. (Tell Richard to play a concert in Nashville, he and the band would love it.)

  23. How did you get the ideas for Herzeleid riffs? Did your experience with the previous band(orgasm death gimmick) help you to compose?

  24. Does he have any plans to revert to a simpler,front end guitar set up? I’ve noticed that since he started using Native Instruments,his and Paul’s sound and tone has lost a lot of it’s raw percussive,tube driven tone and effect. It sounds too processed to me.

  25. I would like to know what is his favourite place on the world, where he can just sit for few hours doing nothing and being happy for what the life gives him.

  26. QUESTION FOR RICHARD: Now that Rammstein is more than 23 years old, does Richard feel like he has accomplished his original goal with the band? And does he think he has more ideas to add to the band’s sound.

    Would Rammstein ever concider playing in Nashville?

  27. Hi I’m Pablo from Spain, and I would ask Richard if he has ever been tired of playing rock music and thought about composing another kind of music; I mean, I love his compositions but as a composer I would like to know if he has tried composing anything different.

  28. My question is simple:
    The new show consists of the same songs that got played last year. Are you gonna bring back songs that you’ve not played since Sehnsucht – Spiel Mit Mir, Tier, Bestrafe Mich, Heirate Mich, Laichzeit to the setlist? Or some more old stuff from 90s and Mutter album?

  29. Will you be bringing Emigrate to the UK any time soon? Happy upcoming birthday!

  30. Big fan in New York my question For Richard is What is your favorite city/country you like to play in that gets you adrenaline really pumping?

  31. Hello Richard, in 1997 during the sensucht tour, rammstein played in paris at elysee montmartre. At the end of the show till took a flame launcher and blowed a huge flame two meters above the audience…it is one of the Best moments of our teenage…m’y Best friend and i took the métro smelling kérosène. ..ah the ninetees was so you remember ?

  32. if you wasnt in rammstein, what do you think you be now as a job?

    much love from wendy from scotland

  33. My questions:
    1. Who designs your stage outfits? Is there any meaning behind the red arm band? Or the number painted on your arm last tour?
    2. What’s the most embarassing thing that’s ever happened to you onstage?
    3. I’ve heard you mention in previous interviews your beliefs and why you changed your name, is there any particular reason you chose Richard or did you just like the name?
    4. What brand of nail polish do you use these days, do you paint them yourself?
    5. What’s the coolest venue you’ve played at?
    6. Have you ever looked at any of the fan pages on social media?
    7. Do you have a personal favorite Rammstein music video? Are there any songs that you wish you guys had done one for?
    8. Have you seen the Elders react to Rammstein video on YouTube? If so what did you think?
    9. What is your favorite pyrotechnic stunt you’ve performed on stage over the years? Have there been any that you don’t particularly enjoy doing?

  34. Hi, my name is Tess and I live in Prague.
    I have 3 questions for you.
    1) Is there a place in Prague where want you to see?
    2) How do you like Prague?
    3) Why are you fuckin So sexy???
    Thank you xD.

  35. Hello, I am Rae from Louisville.

    Have you ever been to Louisville, and if so, what did you think of it? Did you visit Churchill downs, the Zoo, or any other tourist attraction?

  36. Any plans for a full North Anerican tour after the new Rammstein album?
    Any thoughts on a tour with Emigrate? Or a new album?
    Will you be doing any meet and greets or autograph signing sessions in the US for the current tour?

  37. Each one of Rammsteins albums seems to get heavier than the previous one. Can we (hopefully) expect the same when the new album comes out

  38. if you were to choose 3 favorite cities you’ve played, where would they be?
    Could you share a short memory about a great experience while on tour? It could be anything – meeting a fan, playing on stage, a view out of the hotel window, etc.
    Could you share a story of a very stressful moment before/during a concert and how you overcame it?
    Do you (personally) enjoy sightseeing/exploring the cuisine of the countries you visit while on tour? Do you recall a particularly weird but tasty thing you have tried in a foreign country?
    Does touring bring you closer to your bandmates?

    – ichwillkeinengelsein

  39. Hi! I would like to ask you:

    What would you still want to achieve as a guitar player in your life?
    Are you planning a tour with Emigrate in the future?

    Thanks! 😉

  40. Hey Richard, will you, or ESP, come up with a new signature model guitar in the near future?
    And what happened to the third emigrate album?
    Cheers and have a great show tonight!

  41. Is there any chance of an Emigrate tour in the U.S? Also, will there ever be another U.S tour where you can possibly visit cities like Philadelphia and Houston??

  42. What are your thoughts about your fangirls calling you Peaches?

  43. 1. how are you??
    2. what inspires you and motivates you?
    3. would you ever consider an Emigrate tour?

    thank you for everything.

  44. I would like to know if they plan to someday sell meet and greet tickets. I have been a fan for 22 years, and been to their shows all over the world, so it would mean a lot to finally be able to meet them.

  45. Hi, ich bin Sabine aus Berlin.
    Meine Frage:.Wird es zu dem neuen Rammstein-Album eine neue Tour geben? Und wann wird diese stattfinden?

  46. Do you miss playing smaller shows, like back when you first formed Rammstein?

    What is the most annoying habit of each member of the band?

    How do you evision the end of Rammstein? You can’t perform forever, have you ever thought about what the end would be like or how you’d like to go out?

  47. Besides the obvious questions of when we can expect thr new Rammstein and Emigrate albums, I’d be curious to what he thinks of the recently released Rammstein:Paris.

  48. Would you ever changed any thing in your u feel like you know what i could murder a cup ☕

  49. Rammstein does so few shows in the states, in the future will you do more shows in America?

  50. Olá, meu nome é Luziane, sou do Brasil!
    Há muito tempo esperava por está oportunidade de dizer o quanto o Brazil sente falta do Rammstein.
    Sou uma daquelas fãs que ainda não conseguiu conhece-los!
    Mas ficaria feliz em ter uma chance de falar com Richard, a pergunta seria :
    Quando vocês vão vir passar umas férias por aqui?
    Temos muitas praias e churrascarias!
    Pois sei o quanto vocês gostam de “Sol” (Sonne) e “Carne” (Mein Teil) ha ha!!!!
    Beijo recatado para todos!

    (translation google)
    Hello, my name is Luziane, I’m from Brazil!
    I have long waited for this opportunity to say how much Brazil miss Rammstein.
    I’m one of those fans who has not gotten to know them yet!
    But I’d be happy to get a chance to talk to Richard, the question would be,
    When are you coming to spend a vacation here?
    We have many beaches and steakhouses!
    Well I know how much you like “Sol” (Sonne) and “Meat” (Mein Teil) ha ha !!!!
    A demure kiss for everyone!

  51. Ask him : how did he start to learn playing a guitar and how hard it was form he at first and ask him how did he end up with Ramm

  52. Hi! My name is Vitalina, I’m from Brazil!
    1. Always wanted to know where the band (Rammstein) seeks their determination to make music.
    2. Emigrate has a new album guaranteed? If yes, when?
    3. Case you make a new album with news, Case you invited someone to record with you,
    With whom would you record?
    4. Do you want to come to Brazil for something special?
    Thank You!

  53. 1 – How many hours a day Richard plays a guitar?
    2 – It would be great to see RZK Guitar School, is it possible in the future? Or maybe a YouTube videos with some tips and tricks?

  54. 1. will you be in a new york city more? there’s not enough fans out here. but rammstein fans. as an actor i always take your music to various places, people think i make these up, but not me you. HAHA. Will you be in New York More Again, and if so, will you play a emigrate concert here?

  55. You have a lot of fans in Australia but Rammstein haven’t done a performance there since 2011. Will you ever be returning to Australia?

  56. 1- what’s the best part of visiting new places while touring?
    2- how do you handle with mistakes during live performances?
    3-besides music, what other hobby contributes to your creativity?
    4- do you have Rammstein or Emigrate songs in your IPod?
    5- would you ever teach guitar lessons?
    6- what’s the funniest thing a fan had ever told you?
    7-what is your most valued material possession?
    8- is there any goal you want to fulfill?
    9- have you ever googled yourself?
    10-would you marry again?

    I love you <3

  57. Hey Richard. What inspired you to create your guitar tone for Rammstein? And Emigrate? What are your favorite guitar effects and why? Thanks! Great Hug!

  58. Dear Richard Z Kruspe, How did you arrive at the sound of your guitar in the song Herzeleid? It is Fucking EPIC. Aus. Mark D. McCammon, Idaho USA

  59. Firstly, thank you for letting us take part! So kind!

    So here is my question.

    Richard, as a hardcore fan from Scotland i would like to know if there is a reason Rammstein have not played live in Scotland since July 2005? (The only previous show being May 2002) Not that i do not enjoy flying across the world to see Rammstein live i just want to know if there is a reason why our wee country has been left for so long??
    Thank you! Love from the Scottish fans 😀

  60. Richard,
    What is your strangest encounter you have ever had with a fan?

  61. 1. What do you do when you want to relax? Is there something special that calms you down?

    2. To which member of the Band do you have the closest/deepest relationship?

    3. Do you have favorite places where you like to go?

    4. Ive read that the new Emigrate Album is already finished since 2 1/2 years…this drives me crazy. I hope you will release it soon!

    5. Emigrate is a really personal Band Project, you write a lot about yourself in the lyrics. How do you get your ideas and does it help you?

  62. What is the most touching thing a fan has ever told you in person or wrote to you?
    What do you want to be remembered by?
    Do you paint your own nails or someone else does it?

  63. Hi I’m Max from Mexico and my questions are:
    Since Rammstein have a lot of fans in Mexico and latino america, Would you come to?
    Would the new album surprise us?

  64. I’d ask him where his strength is from?how he found the strength to become by himself what he dreamt about?Does he doubt sometimes?Does he fear failing ?

  65. 1. I’m an Italian fan and I attended last years’ Gods of Metal to see Rammstein. We expected to see the whole setlist but you guys left the stage without playing it all and ever since we’ve been wondering why, seen that apparently you did it only in Italy.
    2. (PLEASE ASK HIM THIS ONE) You guys have written songs in different languages other than German (Spanish, English, Rissian): do you think you will ever make one with some Italian in it?

  66. I would like to ask Richard, is he considering to use the evertune guitar system in future and also as he mentioned on one interview few years ago (can’t remember the source), he was considering to produce a starting band and with Emigrate he mentioned it’s easy to collaborate and get in touch via Skye, however it’s much more harder to do so even when you know his bigger daughter in person.

    1. Nope he is still using Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier dual channel Revision “C” 1992 🙂

  67. Why has Richard made the change from Boogie amps to Kemper and blackstar?

    And is he designing a signature pickup for fisman?

  68. What are your thoughts on the recent terrorist attack in the Ariana Grande concert?
    Would you ever sing in German in Emigrate?
    Do you have pets?
    Would you ever act in a movie?
    What kind of movie would you like to have your music put into?

  69. Greetings from Romania! 🙂
    1.Have you ever thought aboutt having an YouTube Channel where you can keep in contact with your fans? (Daily vlogs par example)
    2.You are such a successful guitarist and singer, but how you get in this position?Lucky, God, Faith or just Hard Work?
    3.If you have the chance to be someone else for a single day who will you be?
    4.Do you have a motto in your life?

    That will be all.
    wish you the best luck,
    Simone M.

  70. QUESTION: With ever increasing fame and success including the #1 chart spot for the Paris album, has the pressure to create in order to feel You can continue living and have worth* worsened further, or have You found a way to cope with this feeling – and if yes, what has helped You the most?

    (Very much hope this feeling has become better as You have contributed so much to the world already and helped so many people with Your art, so many people are grateful to You. Doubtlessly You have immense worth already, no matter what occurs in the future.
    And thank You Mr Kruspe for Your tremendous courage and strength that You have spoken about such a difficult issue, as this helps people suffering similar problems feel less alone.)

    *(CONTEXT EXPLANATION OF QUESTION): In the documentary “Wenn die Seele Trauer Trägt“ from 2012 Mr Kruspe speaks about depression and feeling that only when he is creating new things he feels he is allowed to continue living, past successes would feel like he is resting on laurels and that the high of being admired when on stage go is followed by a low feeling of emptiness.

  71. Hi Richard! I am Francesca Friggi from Brazil! In 2015 we went to Berlin. We took pictures of Rammstein’s video footage (I even took some pictures like you in the song Ich Will!). On the last day of our trip we found you. I would like to thank you for being so kind in stopping and taking pictures with us! Richard, you have fulfilled our dream! Thank you!

  72. Is it true that you started playing guitar at age 16 and started your first band at age 19?

  73. How did you manage to escape from the East, and in what year was it? Also, for how long were you wrongfully improsoned by the Stasi?
    I feel like this stuff is rarely discussed despite the fact that it was an extremely infielntal point in not only Richard’s life, but German history as well.

  74. Richard have you put any thought into having ESP guitars make Ltd versions of your signature guitars again? Ive wanted an rzk 2 for years but $5500 is too much to afford. Thanks and hope all is well!


  75. Hi Richard!
    1. I saw Rammstein last year at Bråvalla in Sweden and I got a bit disappointed that you hadn’t included Sweden this year. Is there any reason for that?
    2. This is a question about Emigrate, any chance we will see a third album in the near future and maybe a tour?
    3. I read in Metal Hammer that you wasn’t to pleased with the end result of “Rammstein:Paris”. I can understand it a bit because I was rather confused after I saw it at the cinema. After I watched the DVD and decided to watch it more as a movie then a filmed concert I kind of liked it. What was your reaction the first time you saw?

  76. Hello, I am Marek, and I am fan for 16 years now. I am waiting over decade with some of those questions:
    1. Will we ever see “Das Modell” video?
    2. What happened to songs, whose working titles were “Holz”, “Sonntag bei Omi” and “Eisenmann” (‘Reise, Reise’ era)?
    3. When the third Emigrate album will be released and do you plan to tour with it?
    4. In 2013 you have released video for “Mein Herz Brennt” – song that came out in 2001. Are there any other songs from bands past you would love to see videos for?
    5. Is there a chance to see more “Rosenrot” songs being performed live? “Zerstoren” is a pleasant surprise, but maybe you would also like to include “Spring” or “Wo Bist Du” on your next tour?

  77. 1. what’s your favorite song to play live? is there any of them that you would like to play, but it’s not on the current setlist?
    2. what is your favorite country to visit?
    3. are you more emotionally connected to usa or to germany? which one do you consider your true motherland?
    4. is there any topic you would feel uncomfortable or offended to write a song about?
    5. is there a future for metal? do you consider any band a good follow up for rammstein?
    6. do you find your “you know” funny, when you hear how frequently you say it?

  78. I’m Kamila from Poland and I have a few questions to Richard:
    1) Don’t you think your solo career slowed down progress of recording Rammstein’s albums ultimately?
    2) Does the fact that you set up the band influence the way you treat Rammstein? Do you think you take more responsibility for the band than anyone else?
    3) Do you like the effect of: Rammstein Paris, Mein Land video, Pussy video? Do you like Jonas Akerlund style of making videos?
    4) Do you foresee great future of Rammstein or rather last album and the end of the band?

  79. Greetings from Costa Rica!!

    Why do you like the American culture and lifestyle? Are you against it or do you like it? I ask because you live in New York and learned English well enough

    By the way, sorry for my bad English

  80. Good day Richard. My question is why despite having it on single you have not played “Mein Land” during MiG tour and later tours as well?

  81. Hello Richard.

    1) Did you like the concert in Czech republic? Will you come another year Back?

    2) What is your favorite song from Rammstein?

    3) Which member from Rammstein do you like most?

    4) Do you like Czech fans and Czech republic?

  82. Why does Rammstein have so little solos?

    I know that one of Richard’s favourite band is or was Dead Kennedys did that band influenced him or the band somehow?

    I’ve heard that Richard is qualified cook is it true and if yes does he cook in the free time?

    Rammstein did in the past some covers of other bands like Kraftwerk or Depeche Mode is there any possibility to hear any new covers in future?

    Is it true that Richards favourite photographer is William Klein, and if there could be such possibility the band would ask him to do a cover artwork for upcoming album?

    Will we ever get the autobiography of Richard Zven Kruspe?

    Has Richard ever had a serious accident or was close to death?

    Any ideas or plans for new Kruspe guitar signature?

    Is there a chance to have a guests such like: Iggy Pop or Dave Gahan on his side project?

    In his opinion what might be the best fuel for art: anger, love or sadness?

    What Richard is been listening to lately?

    Is Richard would described himself as agnostic or rather as an atheist?

    Did Lemmy’s death had on him any impact?

    Many bands paid the tribute to Lemmy after his death like for instance: Metallica, will we can expect something like that from Rammstein?

    Does he listens to any German artists?

  83. Guten Tag Herr Richard.
    My name is Luka, and I’m from Serbia, I’m 14 years old so I’m the new Rammstein fan. Here in Serbia is crazy occupation of Rammstein music, we are sharing the love of the rhythm.

    I would like to know, would you (Rammstein) like to visit the Serbia, or be on vacation here?

    Me and my sister who’s older that me, would like to see and meet you. I hope there is a chance for that.
    Groß von Serbia. 🙂

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