Music For The Blind – Session 14


Fourteenth music presentation session for the blind and visually handicapped took place on 10th of April 2019 in the presentation room of Czech agency SONS (Czech Blind United) in Prague. I was really honored for very positive feedback from the previous sessions, therefore I prepared a playlist based on visitors’ preferences and also added some pieces to expand their musical horizons. You can find the background of this story in an article about the first session here.


List of songs and their final scores:

Congratulations to Stream of Passion, Yakuza and Kayo Dot.


01 – White Lies – Turn The Bells8
02 – Midlake – The Courage of Others10
03 – Devin Townsend – Deadhead (Live)1.5
04 – The Weeknd – Call Out My Name10
05 – Stream Of Passion – Nostalgia14.5
06 – Kayo Dot – The Mortality of Doves11.5
07 – Khalid – Vertigo2.5
08 – Summer Walker – CPR3.5
09 – Yakuza – Be That As It May12
10 – Predrag Zivkovic Tozovac – Ovamo Cigani (Live)6
11 – Warda – Bawadaak (Live)4.5


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