Pictures of Tosin Abasi (Animals As Leaders) WANTED!

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By now, interview with Tosin Abasi, the brain of Animals As Leaders, is ready to be placed on the front cover of Czech magazine Muzikus. However, there is one crucial problem: There are no HQ profile pics of him to be found. One would think, front cover offer would sound good, but we have tried on all sides, including label and his promo team, but they either don’t have them or don’t have a right to share them.

Interview with Tosin took place just before their show last year in Prague, where they were supported by Tesseract. Material was highly appreciated by the editor-in-chief of Muzikus, but I was not able to get the proper picture of him, to be placed on the front cover.
I asked for help Tesseract’s guitar player James Monteith, who is also working for Hold Tight! PR, with whom I spoke just before Tosin. Hold Tight! is a PR agency which is taking care of the bands as Circles, Chimp Spanner, Hacktivist, Norma Jean, Skyharbor, The Algorithm but also Animals As Leaders. However the only useful profile pics of Tosin were copyrighted.

DiMarzio familia, no supporta 

All of the pics were taken by DiMarzio brand photographer, but they are not willing to share the pics. Well, not even sell or license them, even though they were informed, the DiMarzio brand is mentioned in the interview. My ultra polite e-mail was answered, by the DiMarzio family in the same matter, as to James: “Sorry, but no.” James had even tried the band with no luck, unlucky are also at Sumerian Records and its natural Tosin would not reply on his Facebook, with such a flow of “other” messages.

We want your picture on the front cover

We are out of ideas and options. If you own a license to HQ profile picture of Tosin or even really good live picture of him, let me know. I add the example of Björn Gelotte of In Flames from 2013. If the picture fits the criteria and eagle eye of editor-in-chief ;D, your picture will be placed on the front cover, with appropriate photo credit. Thanx
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