When a favourite band breaks your heart – Lonely The Brave

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We all know that feeling, when you desperately fall in love with a band. On the other hand, those who really experienced it know, it doesn’t happen every week. British Lonely The Brave are the band, for which I fell in love, like for any other in years. Unfortunately that love was not returned.

One of the best aspects of music journalism is the fact, you can contact the bands you love right away. Remember the days, when you were practically obsessed by the band, listening to all of their stuff non-stop, downloading every single photo and trying to find every possible live video? Music meant for night walks, close-to religious experinces – We all have been there…

The moment I heard the song Backroads, I was in love!

The first time, I heard about Lonely The Brave, was when I was checking the line-up of Rock Im Park 2014. Every music journalist should do that, when he/she gets the chance to be on such an incredible event. These guys were practically on the complete end of an endless line-up. I was really tired from checking all the bands, especially some really crazy German bands. No offence, only you can love it guys ;D But the moment I heard the song Backroads, I was in love! I started checking other few songs they had online and playing it non-stop. It had all attributes I love about music and it truly spoke to me. Magical feeling was also enhanced by the fact, their debut album wasn’t released yet. No one denies it’s simpler to fall in love with a band, which has released six songs so far, rather than hearing Dream Theater for the first time and desperately checking their whole catalogue. ;D
Lyrics of Backroads:
Making eyes with a sea of lies
So you understand
That you’re raping on my dreaming


And you’re ruining my best made plans

First line of twenty people at Rock Im Park 2014

Next was a live show at Rock Im Park 2014. They played on the second day of a four day festival and basically first, on the second of two giant outside stages. On the first day, only the main stage was occupied and Lonely The Brave were practically the first to play the second stage next day, early in the morning, around 10AM, I guess. My colleagues from Rock&Pop mag, really didn’t share my excitement, plus I could see those bastards laughing at us, from the press centre. It was bloody hot and so early, I couldn’t believe that there was somebody supposed to play, on that stage in the matter of minutes. Suddenly they started to play in front of the field that can hold around twenty thousand people, for about twenty viewers, with me in the first line. Well, practically all of us, in the first line. But it was magical…

Bookpack dream

Whole summer I couldn’t wait for their debut album The Day’s War to come out on the first day of September. I had really tough summer, so I highly appreciated their music, which helped me a lot.  Soon, after the album was released, everything was turning better and was really looking forward to buy the album. By the point my bank account was healthy again, I said to myself: I will get Adidas superstar shoes, red Long Distance Calling t-shirt and Lonely The Brave’s The Day’s War Bookpack. At that point I also asked for an interview. Well, inside my interview request was also a request to get the limited edition Bookpack signed, before they send it. I was slightly hoping that an interview will get me a free copy ;D but I would more than happy to pay for it. It had all the lyrics beautifully written and autographs of the members on the top would be the bloody best.

Well, I actually asked for the interview before the Rock Im Park, but I didn’t get an answer from:
In September 2014 I returned back to the interview request and I carefully followed their promo team, they had on their Facebook profile.
3. 9. ed(at)trailofpress.co.uk – nothing
16. 9. louise.mayne(at)sonymusic.com – nothing
17. 9. james(at)prescriptionpr.co.uk – nothing

19. 9. wez(at)fulltimehobby.co.uk

Wez was the one, who replied and we arranged the time of the interview perfectly. When I reminded, about my request regarding a signed debut Bookpack, I was assured it should not be a problem and Mease will co-ordinate.

Can anybody hear me?

Interview was great and Mark Trotter apologised for the promo team, as it was just getting adjusted. Mease even wrote, it will get sorted and I will receive one of the last thirty pieces. I sent my address right away. When the interview came out in a month, I also sent a scan. I also tried to remind myself, but that was the last time I heard from Mease. After multiple tries, I included in the middle of December, all of the contacts related to Lonely The Brave, I came across during my interview requests etc.

Wez <wez(at)fulltimehobby.co.uk

Mease <mease(at)fulltimehobby.co.uk 
James Parrish <james(at)prescriptionpr.co.uk 
Sophie Graham <sophie.graham(at)sonymusic.com


After that I wrote a sms to Mark Trotter and wrote on a bands Facebook inbox, and I have received this answer:
Lonely The Brave
Hey Dan, Mease is sorting this for you. Bear with him smile emoticon
Thank you for your support smile emoticon
Mark x
That was the last time I heard from anybody from Lonely The Brave team. (Bookpack was soon sold out). It’s October 2015 and let’s go for teenage girl attitude: “I only love them for their music now.”


It was actually few weeks ago, when I saw my dad after a while, to whom I give some new music into his phone once in a while. A fan of Sting, Peter Gabriel, The Smiths etc., came I said: “You gave me some good albums, but one was hell of a good: Lonely The Brave!” He was not the only one, whom I recommended this band. When I meet new people or old friends and they ask me for a single music tip, I go for LTB. Including famous musicians, when we talk about latest musical discoveries…

Update 2

As soon as I released this article, Lonely The Brave team got back in contact. They apologized, but included a comment: “We actually have a signed book pack here in the management office. Only three of the band members have signed it at this stage.” Anyway, I received the album very soon after that, which I’m grateful for. I was also offered 1 + 1 ticket on any of their show, but it’s still too far for me from Czech Republic. We exchanged few tips on their future festival shows and plenty of friendly greetings. I’m glad, I didn’t write all this for nothing.  
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