How Shitty Beer Turns Gold

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Golden beverage goes with a rock show, as naturally, as a guitar in a hand of a musician. Naturally some countries were more blessed with better beer than others, but even Czechs have some crappier brands, which you want to avoid. Luckily great show has some incredible powers… 

The Czechs were blessed by god by the country’s location and hundreds of years of beer tradition, so we can freely say, we have the best beer in the world. Sure, there are world miracles as Serbian Nikšićko, Croatian Osječko or some pieces from Germany or Ireland. But there is one only master, which is Pilsner Urquell. We can also include miracle brands as Radegast, Ostravar, Krakonoš and Březňák. As the Czechs are such a top class beer drinkers, there are naturally plenty of crappy/ier brands, which are sold in stores and bars. Some even make it to the world as Staropramen. At home, when a waitress says, what beers are on the menu and she mentions Staropramen, most of us we say: “And what else?” but in Serbia where, izvinite braćo, the beer is not so lofely, it is sold as a premium beer. It is considered “daily beer” next to a brands as Gambrinus and naturally sold in most of the bars and especially music clubs in Prague, where the top music shows take place.

We respect each other with Staropramen, in a certain way. ;D Czech Yugo Fanclub

Imagine you coming to a club as Roxy and only thing, they have on a tap, is Staropramen. Bottled beer is a not a good solution, plus I’m seriously not walking around with Cuba Libre with a small umbrella on top of it. So I order few pieces, as I rarely go on a rock show alone. I’m bloody thirsty, so I start to drink and the experience is nothing special, but you go with it. Especially, as the show of In Flames, Devin Townsend or Karnivool, has just started. People around you have a drink, or smoke (Wait, I forget, we are trying to cut on smoking in my home country. Ok, outside only), based on everybody’s preference, to get to the mood and start to pick a place in the audience. As George Carlin said: “There is always a big fat fuck standing in your way.”

First piece goes away with a first few songs, which are naturally some of the most popular, to get the crowd going. After third song, naturally comes the speech from a frontman and rather less popular songs. Fortunately, all of the people are in the audience already. So, the path towards the bar is open. I order few more and with these kind of gestures: “Excuse me, watch the beer, thank you very much,” I get back to my previous spot easily. Show starts to get eventually more exciting towards the end, and there might be a third drink, based on the thirst or the bathroom preferences. Best songs are suddenly played and you may even get pulled by the crowd and excitement in the wilder areas of the audience and party for the rest of the amazing show.

When the show is over and you grab your forth beer, stand with your buddies or when you are lucky, sit on a couch or dry stairs, you suddenly realize, the beer is actually pretty awesome!

…Sorry baby, but Greek beer is really shitty, no matter what I do ;D

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