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It seems, I don’t do anything else than getting into conflicts with artists or their managers. The truth is, these cases are about 2 or 3 %, as the others are very professional and inspirational people. However, the purpose of this blog is, next to sharing amazing music and great experiences, to also bringing you a behind the scenes a look. One of the rare weird and unpleasant experiences was with British electronic pop music legend Kosheen and especially their promo team.

Already in 2012, when Kosheen were coming to Prague, the press accreditation and interview request didn’t go smooth at all. Nobody answered from their then-available emails and it took endless back and forth emails with people from Sasazu club, where they were supposed to play. “Contact him, well actually another guy” until they wrote me, they closed the accreditations. I had to call them and be a little bit forcy, to remind them, we have been discussing this for days. Two press tickets were given in the end, so thanx guys. However, nobody did manage to organize an interview.



When Kosheen announced they will be coming to Prague again in June 2015, I was interested again. Well, not for being such a huge fan, but for the fact it might be a nice show again and I could also impress my lady. This time, my buddy from Serbia, Željko, was coming, so it seemed like a great idea to take him for a show. And also do sth cool, which can impress our friends in Belgrade, from the days I lived there.


Guestlist & Interview

After a few tries over their FB contact list and a from on their website, I got to international booking agency and label services provider – MN2S and Edmund Singer-Kingsmith. Everything was moving well and I even agreed to an unusual request, which was to include a link on Kosheen’s profile at MN2S website in the print magazine, which was needed, in order for him to proceed.


Through few other emails, we arranged with his colleague James Tones, a guestlist for me and Željko. We also arranged an interview with the drummer Mitch Glover, as I received his mobile number. We agreed to meet, close to the venue, in the area of Karlín, where guys were in an Asian restaurant. While we were getting there, on a sunny street, I thought I saw the singer Sian Evans with other people relaxing in front of one bar. When we finally met with Mitch, DJ/keyboard player Markee Ledge and one more mate, we had a very nice interview. Great talk, a few gentle jokes on Sian and a photo in the end. We talked about their latest live show with an orchestra, new album of The Prodigy, band’s artistic approach and towards the end – Exit Festival in Serbia, where Kosheen are truly loved and missed.



Timing is everything!

On the way back, I asked Sian for an autograph for a friend. One could feel, the atmosphere in the band was not so great, but after so many years together, it’s natural they needed a separate lunch. Afterwards we did some more sightseeing and went home to relax before the show. We had a few beers and started watching The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch & Keira Knightley. You know how it goes: “We are pretty close to the venue, let’s not hurry as we are tired and they will play the best songs towards the end anyway.” We finished the movie and rushed to the Forum Karlín venue. When we got there, security guards stopped us. It was just in the middle of the show and we were asking for guestlist organizers or a ticket office. We were told that the tickets office is closed and ladies, who were taking care of the guestlist, left five minutes ago. Therefore we couldn’t get in, no matter we were on a guestlist nor could we buy a ticket. We were screwed. Security guard said: “I believe you guys, but I cannot let you in. It’s not up to me, as these cameras above me are following our every step. If I let you in, I lose my job.” Hole-in-a-system situation, but what can you do. We went home, bought a few more beers and fell asleep during another movie.



While I was rewriting the interview, I realized, there is enough material for two interviews. One for mainstream Rock&All magazine and an another one, for gear oriented magazine Muzikus. However, I realized I need some more material to get it released. Therefore I came up with four additional questions, which Edmund forwarded to Mitch. As I didn’t get an answer for a few days and I was just listening to Nine Inch Nails and a few other bands Mitch mentioned, I sent one more question.


Here it is:

In what way does music of Nine Inch Nails speak to you? I never managed to find a way towards them on multiple tries and in general, I find whole industrial scene a bit sick and somehow sexually twisted. Well, someone might consider my genres sick. In general we can say, we are all sick in some way and we just find music, which speaks towards our disorder.

However, I received an answer: “Please can you remove this question from the interview?“


After asking for a clarification, I was told: “Unfortunately, Mitch doesn’t want to answer this question and can’t spend any more time on this piece. I hope you have enough material to work with.” In this case, it doesn’t mean, there will be no answer for additional question, but no answers for any of them. Therefore I warned him that because of this, I will not include any link in the magazine.

Extra comment: “I’m sorry, but we’re only relaying on what the artist has said to us. If you don’t want to include the link, that’s fine.” Therefore I decided to contact Markee, who was really friendly during the face to face interview and he is also spending a lot of time in the Czech Republic. I found his email, thanked for a great interview and kindly asked for Mitch’s email. When I wrote to Mitch, I received a reply very quickly, including answers on all questions and plenty of pics.



Interview with Mitch Glover

Here is the additional part of our interview (Whole interview in Czech here):

How did you enjoy the show with an orchestra? Did it fulfil your expectations? 
The show with the orchestra did fill my expectations. I just wish we could have done some more songs with them.


Is there any new part of your gear, which you would like to mention? Possibly also something, which you are planning to purchase…
I don’t really have a new part to my set up but I do have a couple of stacked cymbals which give off the effect of some electronic snares and hi hats that emphasize what is already on the track. I am looking to purchase a Pearl Virgil Donati. If its tuned properly it is versatile snare drum


I forget to ask you about your hip hop side project. Could you give our readers idea about it, or even mention some other side projects you are involved in at the moment?
A possible side project I have been asked to get involved in is Roni Size & Reprazent. But I’m more on the substitute bench with that due to other commitments with Kosheen and my teaching business.


Sth philosophical that came up, when I was listening to NiN. In what way does music of Nine Inch Nails speak to you? I never managed to find a way towards them, on multiple tries and in general, I find whole industrial scene a bit sick and somehow sexually twisted. Well, someone might consider my genres sick. In general, we can say, we are all sick in some way and we just find music, which speaks towards our disorder.

The reason why I like NiN is because it is a very alternative / dark genre of music and I’ve always been drawn to that. When I was a young boy growing up, I went though some very dark times physiologically and so since that day I’ve always been drawn to dark and twisted music. NiN is just one of them, Gravediggaz (1st album 6ft deep) is another, Korn etc., to name a few. So, I agree with you because since the day I went through my bad days as a child. I started listening to very dark music compared to all the other kids were listening to.



During our interview, we talked about new inventions in Kosheen. One of them was the show with orchestra. Give us an idea of upcoming exciting plans of the band.
We have a new album coming out next year and series of singles before that and then touring to follow as we really want to push this 6th album as much as possible. it’s a very current album and the best work we have done to date. Mith<


Would you personally act in a different way?


Update 9/2022

I was contacted by new Kosheen booking manager. Maria said she is sorry about this experience with a previous management and offered me a new interview with Sian. Number of my media platforms in Czech Republic didn’t make it through the pandemic, so there is no space. However, I am happy Kosheen are in a better hands now. All the best.


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