South Park Music Tips: The Cure – Disintegration

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There are many reasons why we watch South Park. However next to an unique humor, there are once in a while worth trying music tips. One of them was also The Cure’s legendary album Disintegration.

There are bunch of music references in South Park. First of all, they make fun of many music celebrities, whether it is Lars Ulrich’s Napster case, Britney Spears (btw, my early teenage obsession, seriously!) paparazzi attacks, 9/11 “artists” and plenty more like Kanye West or Michael Jackson. On the other hand, over the years you might get an idea about the taste of the authors Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Dio & Toto 

They honor legends as Ronnie James Dio or ballad experts Toto, but at the same time, they make fun of them a bit. Well, still in the matter that the bands themselves will be ok with it. Toto got their few seconds of fame and mighty Dio serves his mighty duty, on a kid’s school party. 


Fun vs Idols

On the other hand, Radiohead, Korn or The Cure are rare cases – Authors look up to them, and would not get to any level of degradation. Radiohead are presented as an idol/unreachable band in a Scott Tenorman Must Die episode. Korn were a sensation for surprisingly long time in our hearts and they included them in a great Scooby Doo style episode. The Cure on the other hand, are shown with even more respect. Frontman Robert Smith, who provided his own voice btw, is portrayed as a superhero, who destroyed Barbra Streisand monster. In addition, in the moment singer is flying away, Kyle yells at him fading in a distance: “Disintegration is the best album ever!” 
I can only agree. We all love Friday I’m In Love and it’s not bad to hear some other stuff from them as well, but this album is a concentrated pile of heartbreaking atmosphere, heavenly melodies and moody beauty. I fully recommend you to check the recording of their live show in Wembley 24/7 1989, which is a part of 3CD limited edition. 
Btw, if you ever manage to get your hands on Guitar Hero, do it for yourself and try out to play Fascination Street. Well, I did and I can only say: “Well spent few days!”

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