In Ears – November 2017

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Monthly reviews for November 2017 include: The Last Internationale, Agent Fresco, AlithiA, Bjørn Riis and Blues Pills.


The Last Internationale – We Will Reign

First of all, it is a support band of Royal Thunder, who are so important to me, I don’t mind catching a bus a traveling this Friday to Berlin, with night return to Prague. It was proven to me for hundredth time, it’s worth it to check support bands in advance. American The Last Internationale were instant love, not only because of great female vocals. Their songs fit into wide range slots of my taste. Their menu offers slow and gentle blues/country/rock pieces, same as dirty psychedelic madness as Killing Fields, which is stuck in my head for the past weeks. Jimi Hendrix would have been proud, but I can relate them, with all respect, to Sheryl Crow and Amanda Marshall. No wonder Brad Wilk and Tom Morello joined them few times over the years. See u in Berlin and hopefully we will manage to organize video interview



Agent Fresco – Destrier

At first, I didn’t connect with a third album from second headliner of current Leprous EU tour, as I didn’t enjoy rhythmic approach and certain gradation moves seemed too cliché. Plus, I also felt, there was too much talking and thanking at KEXP live show footage. However, eventually the power of thier melodies and their incredible honesty won me over. Prague show was breathtaking, everything started to make sence and I am totally addicted.



AlithiA – To the Edge of Time

Another fresh discovery from the list of Leprous support bands on their current EU tour. To the Edge of Time is fascinating album, but it is a huge portion at first and it deserves more than multiple tries. At first, it might be really hard to digest, but it proves right way old saying: “I might not get it right away, but I feel it has a lot to offer.” There is so much happening, but with every listen, you will discover its layers and new beautiful hidden corners. It feels almost as a metal opera with the spectrum of genres and styles from progressive metal, through post rock, to ambient. Towards the end of track Tribulations Rise, I do even feel rhythmically some old school underground symphonic gothic metal. Same goes to singing styles, ranging from emotional screams, through melancholic gentle singing. I think I even came across some rapping for a moment. I must say, I usually don’t “click” with anything close to metal opera, but their massive work got me really excited. For Christ sake, this is the first album ever, I love with “Whoa, Whoa” vocals. If you want to get an idea, how much this album offer, look at it’s artwork.



Bjørn Riis – Forever Comes To An End

I came across this album based on the recommendation from my colleague Zlatina. See was the one who recommended me to Muzikus magazine and was my long term inspiration within writing and prog rock metal. Work of Bjørn Riis was not a love at first sight, but give it some depressive rainy mornings and evenings before & after work and Bjørn will become your guide. Very honest arrangements, heart-reaching lyrics and beautiful top prog melodies. Thank you Bjørn.



Running music of the month

Blues Pills – Lady In Gold Live

They might have released better live albums so far, but their insane talent, will get you anyway. Plus, it is a good chance, to concentrate on the latest songs.



No “Click”

Adrenaline Mob – We The People, SikTh – The Future In Whose Eyes?, Kadavar – Rough Times, Prophets Of Rage – Prophets Of Rage, Fleet Foxes – On Another Ocean


Respect The Elders

Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti

Never a bad choice. Especially, as I still working on Lisa Robinson’s book There Goes Gravity: A Life in Rock and Roll.



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