In Ears – April 2016

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Spring is in full force and so is the music industry. Hope you will enjoy the few tips on new albums not to miss and also tips of classics, which should be always alive. We will take a look at Iggy Pop, The Temperance Movement and this time big space is given to the rediscovered classics of Santana, Marillion or Rush.

Iggy Pop: Post Pop Depression
I never cared about Iggy Pop and I definitely never gave a shit about the whole Queens Of The Stone Age ultra mega fan-club of Josh Homme. However, both of these guys together sound simply incredible. Raw, real and sexy! Plus the heroin taste on top of it. Iggy’s old buddy David Bowie is watching really proud. Even the vocals prove, how close they are/were and will be…

The Temperance Movement – White Bear

That moment, you start to hit the floor with your foot, in the middle of the office, as the beat gets u going! This music is so sexual, INXS are boring asses. We spoke together with a singer Phil Campbell after they released their greatly respected debut. They made a great second step however, I will include a comment from AOR, hard rock expert – Jaromír Merhaut, on a production: “Cut the overdrive and flat high-volume.” Eventhough the contrasts are not so huge, the massive quality is there…

No “click” department: Antimatter, Mgła, Pomegranate Tiger, Shape of Despair, The Algorithm – not this time, The Contortionist, Jess and the Ancient Ones, Wishbone Ash, Pelican

Classics section: Do yourself a favor a really enjoy the old masters. Rush – 2112, Uriah Heep – Greatest Hits and Santana – Abraxas

I remember very well that day, I heard Santana’s masterpiece Supernatural. I, well, we all enjoy till today Maria Maria or the radio classic – Smooth. However, if u wish to educate yourself in jazz rock, Santana’s prehistoric post-Woodstock masterpiece Abraxas is one the best solutions. Big Lebowski fans know very well Oye Como Va, everybody else Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen. I personally love deepness of Mother’s Daughter.

Marillion – Misplaced Childhood

It may sound unbelievable, but I have never listened to them with any sort of concentration. When this piece started, I said to myself right away: I know this!! It’s good to know, moments like this still happen…

And the for the end, enjoy the masters…



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