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For May 2016 we will take a closer look at Torche – Meanderthal, Ihsahn – Arktis. & Das Seelenbrechen, Deftones – Gore, Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika – Live At Café V Lese and Pain Of Salvation – Remedy Lane Re:visited (Re:mixed & Re:lived) Out July 1st, 2016. I am not saying, there are all tips that you should spent hours on, but they are worth attention.

Respect for the elders: Frank Zappa, Ulver, Enjoy Elvis and give yourself a challange with Anneke van Giersbergen, Árstíðir – Verloren Verleden

No “Click” Section: Starting with items from the lofely article 10 MetalAlbums For People Who Don’t Like Metal
Deafheaven, Isis, Neurosis – third try, Pallbearer. The Foreshadowing – not this time. Same goes to Novembre – Ursa. Beautiful job on Materia from 2006, but not this time. So many recommendations on Fallujah – Dreamless– but it simply didn’t click, even though I respect their innovative and experimental approach.

Torche – Meanderthal
Hope Torche will not get offended, but this album seems to me as a growing tool for punk rock fans. Do you love The Offspring since elementary school, do u wanna run from joy with Rise Against, but at the same time grow as a listener? Do yourself a favor and give these guys few tries and your horizons will broad massively. If post, doom, prog are not part of your vocabulary, this might be a door opener. 
Ihsahn – Arktis. & Das Seelenbrechen
Avant-garde master’s new album Arktis. is such a big topic everywhere, for its revolutionary accessible approach, but what surprises me, is even Ihsahn, including our interview, to a certain extend, is distancing from his previous album – Das Seelenbrechen (as he says: “Too wild, too nonstructural) However his new album made me realize, Das Seelenbrechen is for me the best album in Ihsahn’s discography.
Deftones – Gore
Hardly, we will find a band from Nu-Metal era, with such a respect and influence as Deftones. When did you discover Deftones? I did with Back To School. In general, I was obsessed with the whole Nu-Metal scene, but only Deftones deserve the same level of respect today. Their latest albums are simply amazing and same goes with their brand new Gore album. I was also really honored to finally speak to Stephen Carpenter for Muzikus magazine. It was solid interview, but we had small amount of time. There was only time to talk a bit about gear, new album, the band, but there was simply no time to ask sensitive subjects. Normally, if you have one hour, you can get as close, to ask about some stuff. Therefore, I felt to leave the topic of the loss of bass player Chi Cheng. In addition, this song was so close to me about a month and a half ago.

Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika – Live At Café V Lese

I always had a feeling for a female singers with taste. Whether it is Anneke Van Giersbergen, Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, or even Sade, you could turn on shuffle and enjoy every note. Lenka Dusilová was never someone I would be concerned about, but this live album is simply breathtaking. It was extremely useful in tougher times and I tend to enjoy it since, in a sort of positive melancholic moments. Hopefully, I might see you Lenka in Café V lese soon. I live close…
Pain Of Salvation – 
Remedy Lane Re:visited (Re:mixed & Re:lived) Out July 1st, 2016
PoS and Fight Club. Too much for one day. I read the book – movie is better. I love the album but the live version is more emotional, if that’s even possible. Trust me, you will love the non-acoustic live album, when it comes out.


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