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Get a taste of upcoming releases! One of the coolest benefits or being involved in music journalism is the fact, you get the albums few weeks, sometimes even months before their release. One moment I actually realised I have bunch of great albums, which will come out during upcomming days/weeks. Get a taste of a “spoiled honour”. Love it…

Devin Townsend Project – Transcendence
Our dear Devin just gave us Epicloud album #3. Take it as you wish. He has qualities to do an autopilot anytime, but I just don’t feel like autopilot listener right now… Btw, why the hell do you need to start the album with a track Truth from Epicloud CD #1?

Brujeria – Pocho Aztlan
After what? 16 insanely long years, they are back and it’s hell of a ride!
The power, rhythms, classic thrash approach (California Uber Aztlan) and the jokes: “Méjico LaLaLa”. Plata O Plomo putas!!

Crobot – Welcome To Fat City
One more case, where I was just about to ONCE AGAIN skip an album after few seconds, as I was just too busy and would use a comment: “Another hard rock/retro album. Screw that.” Some cases are true, but not this one. Listen to Hold On For Dear Life feel the essence of hard rock and give your ignorant ass a proper slap, same as I did! Next to Greenleaf’s Rise Above The Meadow, it’s a candidate for a hard rock album of the year!

Epica – The Holographic Principle
With a respect to the years, I worshiped this band and great albums of Mayan, I’m not going to use swear words. But seriously, what the hell? Ridiculous song structures, Fleshdance choruses, weird vocal buildings of Simone, same same same orchestral choirs and kindergarten lyrics! There are at least some heavy riffs and Mark’s solid grunt, obviously a bit of am autopilot, but how can such a great lyrics writer put down on a paper stuff, he would earlier find too vague:

We are the ones to change the world now
Still in control of all machinery
Robotic legions stand in line to carry out


Minds are controlled
Doomsday has arrived
There is no escape




Forever Still – Tied Down
Solid Melodic Gothic Rock – Nothing more, nothing less

In Flames – Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg
Everything what you would expect from In Flames live album. Warning: Very raw sound. The picture of a drummer sort of sums it up…


Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep of Reason
If you have enjoyed the work of Meshuggah so far, I have no doubt you will enjoy this as well. For me: No change! I don’t get it…

Mono – Requiem For Hell
Post rock giants are serving us a tasty compromise between 2014’s “double album” heavenly gentle The Last Dawn and blacky Rays of Darkness. This piece under includes a heartbeat of a new life – Ely. It was very unique moment when I was listening to this piece, while riding on a bus and suddenly bunch of new “lifes” were smiling at each other in front of me…


Opeth – Sorceress

Same as with numerous latest releases of Opeth, first reaction tends to be: What the hell is this? Jethro Tull folk jazzy psychedelic, no comprendo. However, more you listen, more you understand this hell of an inspirational world, which Opeth always ruled.

Pg.lost – Versus
“Potential lost”: Very solid musicianship and song building, but the bar unfortunately doesn’t go over the losing-breath moment, which I was really hoping for.

Wang Wen – Sweet Home, Go!
Very deep atmosphere! I wanted to fall in love here as well, but there were only few islands of perfection, within innovative and unique approach. Still, it’s amazing to hear such a band from China.



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