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Summer is a time, when you should keep your mind relaxed from daily stress and rely on your most favorite albums, during long journeys to the see with your friends or while reading, as sun is grilling you. On the other hand it’s time be open to anything you get recommended or to cover albums you didn’t have time for the whole busy spring. God damn it, I still didn’t do my Pink Floyd marathon. Next summer! Until then, few after-summer tips. More tips coming very soon, as they would be outdated, if I included them in the August – September review.    


Dark Suns – Everchild
I follow this band for years and rarely you will find a band which is prog enough to progress so much over the years. It may serve crazy prog wankers, but at the same time, its the smooth jazzy romantic. It shows optimum taste, ideal skills and that tasteful voice. Sometimes it takes a role of a peaceful spokesperson, other time persuasive lovebird. In the end, as a proper prog material, it has both artistic wanking and sensitively beautiful choruses. Truly unique world of Dark Suns. I did my best with 2011’s Orange, not only for the fact, I was searching for it for moths. But skip it, if you didn’t have enough patience same as me. Go for 2008’s Grave Human Genuine and the latest amazing album Everchild.

If These Trees Could Talk – The Bones of a Dying World
Sunshine reaching through the clouds, flowers fighting their way through ground – simply beauty coming through dust. If These Trees Could Talk are masters in building monuments out of nothing. Let the instruments start to talk among themselves, place one layer after another and step by step they reach a heaven. There are tons of post rock/metal bands, but only few as Sleepmakeswaves, Russian Circles or Long Distance Calling provide you those “pure beauty peaks”. Yes, there is only one Barren Lands of The Modern Dinosaur and the album is not so compact as their previous releases, but still, it is an elite in post rock/metal.

Post rock greatness #2
Russian Circles – Guidance

No “Click” floor:

  • Master’s Hammer – Formulæ: These Czechs are considered one of the most respectful band in the world’s underground circles. Well, they are rather a cult, but it’s really not for everyone.
  • Eric Clapton – I Still Do: I have respect for dinosaurs more than ever, but this was too dry compared to latest work of Bob Dylan or Tom Petty.
  • Steve Vai – Passion and Warfare: Same respect for this legend and beekeeper, but simply not for me. I rather stick to my generation guitar heroes, like the one he recommends himself: Plini
  • Lita Ford – The Best Of: Seriously, I don’t get how come this woman got as many fans outside of MTV effect.
  • Ziggy Marley – Ziggy Marley: Not in a mood, if you know what I mean? ;D


  • Ambient electronics experiments – Based on the recommendation from Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor I tried these two pieces: Tycho – Awake and Telefon Tel Aviv – Immolate Yourself. Interesting experience, but nothing overwhelming. Let say compared to my obsession: The Black Queen. I gotta see those guys in Berlin this October!

Respect for the elders – Did you visit your grandmothers this summer? Good. Keep respecting the elders and visit/re-visit or discover these classics: Czech institution Lucie, Blues Pills’s massive inspiration: Aretha Franklin, The Doors, Jeff Buckley, Death – Scream Bloody Gore

And finally, no Phil Collins this time. Enjoy the queen of the night, with whom I spent few weeks:
Chelsea Wolfe



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